Mature Compost

Fertilising Mature Compost creates an optimal environment for sustained, strong plant growth by combining the benefits of humus rich organic matter with Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P), Potassium (K) and trace elements all in one natural product.

Mature Compost only releases the nutrients as the plant needs them. This sustained release action means that Nutrarich Mature Compost' is suitable for use as an all purpose fertiliser from natives to roses, orchards to vineyards and commercial turf to commercial crops.

Humus is often described as the 'life-force' of the soil. It is a mixture of compounds and complex chemicals of plant, animal and microbial origin, which has many functions and benefits in the soil.

Humus rich 'Mature Compost' suits the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of soil. The humus in 'Mature Compost' encourages the formation of good soil structure, holds up to 90% of its weight in water.

Mature Compost is an excellent source of plant nutrients, the humus in Mature Compost has many active sites binding to ions (cations) of plant nutrients. The biochemical structure in Mature Compost enables it to moderate or buffer excessive acid or alkaline soil conditions stabilising the pH value of soil.

Compost provides food and creates an ideal environment for a wide variety of beneficial micro-organisms essential for healthy soil and plants. Not only do these microbes suppress plant pathogens and disease they can fix free atmospheric nitrogen in the soil and convert it into the nitrate form required by the plant.


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