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The Chittleborough family has been synonymous with farming in Western Australia for over five generations. In 2005, Barry and Jason Chittleborough established NutraRich Pty Ltd, a manufacturing company dedicated to the production and distribution of totally organic and “fully matured” compost products.

The NutraRich Story…

In the early 1990s, Barry Chittleborough became interested in the benefits of high quality compost in agriculture. This interest led to opportunities to develop and expand compost operations in China, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Each country presented different problems, such as logistics, processing areas, climate, and the need to build relationships with governments and departments relative to agriculture.

In China, the operation used agricultural waste to manufacture quality pelletised compost that could be used in rice production.

The Philippines sugar cane industry had large stockpiles of waste from sugar production. This waste was composted with other waste streams to produce a fertiliser that, with the correct methodology, decreased the use of urea by 50-60%, yet increased yield and sugar content resulting in early harvests.

The Indonesian Government, in co-ordination with the Western Australian State Government, provided an opportunity to remove organic material from landfill in Makassar City. The composted material was sold to mining and agriculture operations in Indonesia.

With a wealth of overseas experience, Barry returned to WA and joined forces with Jason Chittleborough to begin the process of establishing a compost operation in the wheat-belt town of Brookton.

In mid-2005, a licence application to manufacture high quality agricultural compost was approved, and NutraRich Pty Ltd was born. Production started immediately.

Today, NutraRich operates a modern production facility at Brookton in Western Australia. We source raw materials from: -
the local agricultural community.

NutraRich products are available from: -

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Waste Logistics Nutrarich Pty Ltd is a member of the Waste Management Association of Australia. We have many years’ experience in the collection and recycling of organic waste throughout Western Australia. We have extensive global experience in closed loop recycling, which involves the collection of waste or by-products.

Mature Compost

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Mature Compost's fertiliser qualities create an optimal environment for sustained, strong plant growth by combining the benefits of humus rich organic matter with Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P), Potassium (K) and trace elements all in one natural product. Mature Compost releases the nutrients as the plant needs them. This.

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