Creature Compost


ALL NEW 'Zoo-Poo'

Nutrarich provides a complete closed loop service.

Collection, Composting and Conservation. We transport the total organic material from the Zoo to our compost facility in Brookton, compost it and bring it back for use in the Zoo and for the public. This is the reason for the change in name from Zoo-Poo to Creature Compost. During the Nutrarich compost process the Zoo organics reach temperatures exceeding 65 degrees Celsius for up to 20 days or more which destroys all potential risks to people and plants. Using Creature Compost for seed raising, soil improvement and on your lawn will help protect our waterways and rivers while conserving water. Compost provides multiple benefits to the environment and is very user friendly. So remember CREATURE COMPOST is made using Zoo-Poo.

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