Veggie Mix

As with all Nutrarich soil products, veggie mix is a blend of 'Mature Compost' and coarse sand using compost as the nutrient pool. Specifically designed for raised garden beds, Veggie mix can be used to fill a newly constructed or raised garden bed ready for planting.

Using compost as the nutirent provider means Nitrogen is immediately available to plants along with sufficient levels of Potassium, Phospherous, Boron, Selenium, Iron and many other trace elements, making it a balanced soil providing healthy plants with no other additives required. Also because compost is the decompostion of organic matter Nutrarich Veggie mix will not reduce in volume. Just simply add Nutrarich 'Mature Compost' each season rotation and your garden will have all the nutrients required for a great veggie patch just how nature loves it.

Available in 25 litre bags, 1000 litre bulk bags or bulk.


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